5 Steps for Dealing with Water Damage

You were only gone for the weekend, but when you opened the door you were greeting with a soaked carpet and a layer of water coming from the kitchen.  Or perhaps you noticed a strange smell and realized that a small leak under the sink had allowed a mold colony to take hold.  As a homeowner, you want your home back to normal as quickly and safely as possible.

You can clean up small household problems, such as an overflowing toilet or mold around the bathtub, but large amounts of water, sitting water and mold outbreaks larger than 3 feet need professional treatment.  Pooling water and rising humidity can create the perfect storm for mold in your drywall, carpet and crawl spaces.  The moisture can also damage furniture, pictures, and other personal items.  You can read more about how to deal with mold damage at https://idahopropertyrestoration.com/mold

Calling a professional ensures that work is done quickly with specialized equipment.  Technicians also monitor air quality to prevent bacterial growth.

But how can you be sure your restoration company is reliable and efficient.  Check out the 7 suggestions below:

  1.  Consult online reviews.  What do previous customers have to say about the company?  Keep in mind that the comments reflect the personality and emotional state of the consumers as much as they reflect the companies ability.  Look for trends, rather than each individual review.
  2. Ask about their certifications.  Every restoration company should have technicians trained and certified such as those offered by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRCC).
  3. Make sure that the person handling your restoration has a state contractor’s license.  A contractor knows how to oversee all aspects of the restoration.  They also know what has to be done to comply with city, county and state building codes.
  4.  Do not allow anyone to remove anything from your home without your supervision.  It is tempting to allow the company to “take care of everything”, but you can be committed to additional expenditures that are not outlined in the contract.  Make sure the restoration company gives you an exact timeline with times and dates.  If they are giving you vague information, choose another company.
  5. Hire a local restoration company.  They are more invested in your positive experience.  Also, if something goes wrong, you can talk to the owners personally.

A professional restoration company can work quickly to secure your home and protect your assets.  They will help you work with your insurance company and can explain how your policy will affect the restoration process.  They often have financing for homeowners who do not have insurance.  When disaster strikes, it helps to have someone to guide you through the process of getting your life back to normal.